About us

Biología y Nutrición 2 S.A is a spanish company with 100% national capital, which commercializes a wide range of extrusion pet food for dogs and cats, for the distribution in the professional channel. Our clients can be sure that their dogs and cats are fed with the best nutrition possible guaranteed, for exhibit dogs, puppies or household dogs,  covering all breeds, ages or energy requirements.

Our Super Premium products have been in the market for more than 20 years, and top international breeders feed their pets with Satisfaction, the favorite brand of Spanish breeders.

Our complete range of products is directed to specialized shops and veterinarian clinics which require for their clients quality-price product.

We stand out for the constant effort and firm commitment in providing the latest technologies in order to obtain the best high-quality. Every day we intend to be more efficient in benefit of our clients, throughout a close relationship based on trust and confidence. They help us to achieve our highest goals day by day.

Our products are exported to several countries such as France and Reunion Island, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Romania, Latvia, Poland, Israel, Russia, Hong Kong, where they are well consolidated.

Currently the company is expanding to other countries, such as Costa Rica and Cuba.

The factory

Our petfood is manufactured by Grupo Bynsa. The Factory (26.000 m2) is located nearby Zaragoza, Spain, one of Europe’s most modern and state-of-the-art facilities counting with 4 independent extrusión lines.

The factory manufactures private labels and brands for their customers in Spain (30% MARKET SHARE, dry food and snacks, including specialist chanell)

The factory stands out for its ongoing dedication and strong commitment to offering first-class quality and technology, because of it, the factory has the following quality certifications ISO9001, ISO14001, BRC, and IFS higher level.