Oib Can Extra
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Oib Can Extra

Oib Can Extra

15 kg

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This food is extremely appetising and easy to digest, making it the perfect diet for adult dogs with normal or average activity.

OIB CAN EXTRA is specially formulated to provide optimum nutrition during the whole life span of pet, exhibition or working dogs.

Complete and balanced food for dogs during growth and development. It complies with the protein and energetic standards established by the AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials), and the NRC (National Research council) as necessary for adult dogs.


Chicken meat, corn, wheat, oils and fats, beet pulp, vitamin mineral corrector, yeast, aminoacids. With EEC anti-oxidising agent.


Humidity: 8%, Crude ash: 7,5%, Gross protein: 24%, Calcium: 1,4%, Gross oils and fats: 14%, Phosphorus: 1%, Gross fibre: 2,5%


Download tech sheet

Download tech sheet

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