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Maxx Puppy

Maxx Puppy

20 kg

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Complete and balanced food for dogs during growth and development. It complies with the protein and energetic standards established by the AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials), and the NRC (National Research council) as necessary for puppy growth.

The percentages of proteins and fats contained in CROQUETTES PUPPIES are those that the dog requires to cover its daily needs during growth and development. These needs vary depending on age, physiology, weather conditions, etc. and therefore change in different periods of the animal’s life. For this reason, different feed products are manufactured to cover all these situations.


Meat meal (mín. 40% of chicken), Corn, Wheat,  Oils and fats, Mineral corrector


Humidity: 8%, Crude ash: 8%, Crude protein: 30%, Calcium: 2%, Gross oils and fats: 12%, Phosphorus: 1,2%, Crude fibre: 3%


Download tech sheet

Download tech sheet

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