Holistic Range

Holistic refers to the way of seeing things in their entirety, in their entirety, in their complexity. The “everything” is more tan the sum of its parts. The “whole” has properties and characteristics that are not found in each of its parts when analyzed in isolation. Holism emphasizes the importance of the whole, which is greater than the sum of the parts ( property of synergy ), and gives importance to the interdependence of these.


FLAXSEED: high fibre and omega 3 content. Helps digestion and has anticarcinogenic properties.
BEER YEAST: rich in vitamin B and Zinc. It activates the immune system and helps regenerate the skin.
CAROB: Carobs have astringent Properties and help to prevent intesinal infections.
DRIED PUMPKIN: has a high level of fiber that helps to fight off constipation and is also a powerful antioxidant.
CRANBERRIES: high content of antioxidants and rich in anthocyanins (flavonoids). It especially has a renal preventative (prevents cystitis, stone and sand formation), improves cognitive capacity and helps sight.
CARROT: rich in beta carotenes and vitamin A. Helps the formation of nails and fur.
CHICORY: rich in Inulin (anticarcinogenic), tannin (astringent, disinfectant, detoxifying). Reduces glucose in the blood and prevents anemia and dermatosis.
TOMATO: rich in lycopene. Antioxidant that prevents heart problems.
YUCCA: rich in carbohydrates with a high nutricional value.
BASIL: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
ROSEMARY: antiseptic, antispasmodic, diuretic.
STICKLEWORT: astringent and a descongestant for the digestive system. It’s one of the Bach flowers.
TAGETE FLOWER FLOUR: called Moro’s carnation. Antimycotic.


BEETROOT PULP: a source of fiber that favours intestinal health.
BEER YEAST: rich in vitamin B and Zinc. It activates the immune system and helps to regenerate the skin.
CHICORY: rich in Inulin (anticarcinogenic), tannins (astringent, desinfectant, detoxifying). Reduces glucose in the blood, preventas anemia and dermatosis.
CITRIC EXTRACTS: a source of bioflavonoids that offer cell protection, controlling the formation on free radicals.
YUCCA: rich in carbohydrates with a high nutricional value.
FLOWER OF TAGETES: called Moro’s Carnation. Antimycotic. A source of lutein that helps reduce vision loss.
MALT EXTRACT: helps to control fur balls and helps to eliminate them.
METHIONINE: Minimizes the formation of urinary stones and the disease called Feline Urinary Syndrome (FUS).
Synergy means “union of energies”, “multiplication of energies”. Synergy can be positive, when it is in harmony, but also negative.
The positive synergy makes the ingredients complement each other, do not lose any value, and so are in harmony. The sum of these ingredients achieves an effect superior to the sum of the individual effects of these ingredients.