Balanced diet, a guarantee of health

Balanced diet, a guarantee of health

In previous articles we have talked about the extreme importance of the components of a diet in terms of the biological value of nutrients, and also how the balance of the components is vital for the metabolic functions required for the correct overall functioning of your dog’s body. In this article we are going to connect both questions and go a little deeper into the composition of the diets created by “Satisfaction”.

Today we are going to talk about the components of the formula specifically developed for medium adult dogs (Satisfaction Regular Medium) which is specially designed for the best supply of the most appropriate nutrients for medium-sized dogs between one and seven years old.

The presence of fresh chicken ensures a supply of animal protein with maximum biological value, as its percentage of metabolisable protein is very high, and by adding rice, we have increased the digestibility of our furry friends’ food, as well as an extra supply of vegetable protein to complement that provided by the chicken.

But our food also includes other very important nutrients, such as beetroot pulp, which is one of the best sources of natural fibre, and not only combats constipation, but also shortens intestinal transit time and helps the balance of bacterial flora .

We also include biotin, a “B” group vitamin that is also known as vitamin H. It is essential for maintaining the health of claws, pads and maintaining a healthy and shiny coat.

Another important component is taurine; which is an amino acid that, in addition to being beneficial to the cardiac system, is essential for eliminating toxic wastes from the body, especially those that are produced after intense exercise.

L-carnitine, which we also include in the formula of the food that we create for our furry friends, is another very important component, whose main task is to convert fat into energy, especially during long periods of intense exercise. This is why this amino acid is known as a “fat burner”. For this reason, it is recommended that this nutrient is introduced into the daily diet of overweight dogs and, since it is also beneficial for cardiac activity, it is recommended for dogs engaging in sports and/or competitions that require great physical effort, such as: agility, disc dogs, sled races, etc.

Furthermore, the natural antioxidants included in the formula of our processed foods (such as vitamins C and E), contain bioflavonoids that fight free radicals and specifically contribute to enhancing the immune system of our furry friends, such that it not only increases their defenses against possible diseases but also helps prevent the appearance of degenerative diseases.

Brewer’s yeast is the best natural source of B vitamins, which are essential for the proper functioning of the central nervous system and for the metabolisation processes of the main nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, etc.).

The rest of the nutritional additives contained in the “Satisfaction Regular Medium” formula are intended to provide the appropriate proportion of nutrients necessary for the proper performance of the biochemical processes that our four-legged friends need for all-around health. For example, the formula contains the necessary amount of vitamin D3 to ensure the correct absorption of calcium necessary to keep the health of our dogs’ musculoskeletal system in perfect condition.


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